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Quality Service
Our technicians are salaried employees and not paid on production.
Effective Solution
Apex utilizes a three-step IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach – inspection, identification, and treatment.
Proactive Follow-Up
We proactively notify our clients of all follow-up treatments so that tenants are aware and prepared.
Experience our green, professional and cost-effective approach to improving your living and work environment.
As a commercial property or operations manager, your responsibility is the integrity and safety of your property. When you face a pest influx it is important you know you are not alone.

Please call us for a professional consultation and assistance with pest removal.
Pest Problems in Your Multi-Residential Building?
Evict the unwanted pests from your multi-residential building. Apex Pest Control Inc. specializes in pest removal solutions in multi-residential buildings, including:

Nursing homes | Condominiums | Apartment buildings | Hotels | Restaurants
Helping you follow through with your responsibility.
Apex Pest Control Inc. is highly experienced and understands the problems associated with residential pest infestation. We offer flexible solutions to get rid of your pests while improving the safety of your home, giving you peace of mind. Partner with us to remove your pests safely and promptly.

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach gives you the option of being part of designing a program to support your specific needs.
Our IPM approach provides an eco-friendly means to prevent future pest infestations. Apex Pest Control Inc. is a trusted, cost-effective and environmentally conscious pest control provider, servicing commercial and residential properties. Contact us for removal and prevention services and get started on your goal of a pest-free environment.
When experiencing a pest invasion in your home or business, you need a trusted, cost-effective and environmentally conscious pest control provider. Count on Apex Pest Control to get the job done immediately with quality and care. We are a family-run business with over 30 years of industry experience. Our clients' satisfaction with pest removal is the cornerstone of our business.
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