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Pest control in winter

Overwintering: Which pests want to spend the winter in your house?

Posted December 21, 2021

  Different pests require different approaches If you’re spending some time at the cottage in Ontario this fall, you may have asked yourself: “Why the heck are there suddenly so many ladybugs crawling around on the ceiling? Aren’t they more common in the spring – and why are they coming inside?” Well, the truth is

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Carpet beetles in the home

How to prevent and remove those carpet beetles that are driving you nuts

Posted December 12, 2021

It’s sweater weather – except yours have holes. Now that the weather is chillier, many of us are pulling out our favourite wool sweaters, thick jackets and scarves, only to find that they’ve somehow become full of holes and unwearable since you put them in the back of the closet at the end of last

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