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Want pest-free buildings? Start by educating residents.

Posted July 23, 2021

Residents can be a crucial part of your pest control strategy. We do a lot of pest control work in multi-family residential buildings, so we know it can be tough: In large complexes, the sheer number of tenants and residents, resident turnover, multiple common areas and garbage rooms can make regular pest infestations feel almost

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Pest-free properties

The 4 pillars of pest-free buildings

Posted May 25, 2021

Get these 4 things right and your multi-unit property can stay pest-free This time of year, we start to get an increased number of calls from property managers and superintendents: “We’reĀ  seeing a huge roach infestation in several units on the second floor – can you help?” and “Everything was fine until last week, when

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